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Publisher Geromy BV is dedicated to Dutch aviation history. The company already has several titles to his name and is preparing for more titles. Geromy BV would like to inform and also to hear your views about our projects.

Besides general information about the Dutch aviation history, we have a wide range of aviation booksposters and models.

Geromy BV publishes own books about aviation history. Do you have a solid script or your company is interested in a project. Do not hesitate and contact us please.

All together we can achieve a lot.



Geromy Models Eigen Uitgaven Posters

Geromy Models

Geromy BV brings models of planes on the market in different scales. Our models can be ordered in our webshop.

Publisher Geromy BV

Geromy BV is a publisher that specializes in the history of Dutch aviation. Besides an overview of the hitherto published own titles, you will find a wide range of aviation books in our webshop.

Geromy Aviation Art

Posters with vintage aircraft from: Jan Glas, Lam v/h Hof, Mats Johansson and Thijs Postma. All are available in our webshop.


Publisher Geromy B.V. is a company which focusses on publishing of aviation books. The goal of Geromy B.V. is to record a part of Dutch history on paper and to do this with eye on high quality.


Aviation started roughly 100 years ago. Dutch aviation history experienced all of its developments through the years. Because of its neutral state during the first world war, its development in aviation was slightly different than most countries. Luckily most of this history has been preserved.
Publishing these books is an risk full adventure. The Dutch market is smell and customers are difficult to reach. Good researchers work often for years to come up with a good manuscript and will find it very difficult to get their work published. This is what we would like to stand for. In our opinion it could be possible to lose this knowledge if we do not act. This is why we search for the financial means to ensure a skilled support and to realise a published book of high quality.
Our goal is to contribute to the publishing of historically accurate books, so we do not lose this knowledge.